Can your siding do this?


  • Remain exceptionally stable

  • Not rot or decay

  • Not require clearance from grade, roofing, or patios

  • Be painted ANY color

  • Come in all 16′ lengths with no finger-joints

  • Be easy to work with, patch, and repair if damaged

  • Be indistinguishable from wood when painted

  • Not need back or edge priming or sealing

  • Be accepted in towns with materials subject to Historical Architectural Review Boards

  • Be environmentally friendly – produced from Cradle to Cradle Certified™ raw material



DURATION® Moulding & Millwork stocks 6 beveled siding profiles, available in all 16′ lengths.  We also specialize in custom siding profiles. Whether your project calls for a particular style to replicate a historically significant profile, fill a required size, or simply match an existing or other manufacturer’s profile, we’re happy to oblige.

Boral Beveled Siding Stock Profiles

There are several options for communicating your custom siding needs – upload CAD drawings, tracings, hand-sketches, and/or images to us, along with, basic dimensions and approximate lineal footage requirements via the “Contact” tab on this website. Alternatively, send us a small sample piece(s) of the profile(s) along with the footage needed and the best way to contact you.

We’ll respond quickly with a proposal to your local dealer… along with cost saving suggestions or alternatives for consideration, where applicable.

If the proposal from your local dealer meets with your satisfaction, we’ll provide a dimensioned shop drawing that clearly illustrates the shape of your custom moulding profile. You’ll have the opportunity to review and tweak the drawing as necessary – we’ll provide revised drawings until you’re happy with what you see.