DURATION® Moulding & Millwork stocks 24 common profiles of mouldings, including various solid and traditional crowns. Thicker, more substantial profiles are available in 16’ lengths, while smaller profiles come in 8’ lengths. In addition, both standard and simulated thick sub-sills that coordinate with Marvin® non-clad double hung, casement, and awning windows are stocked and sold in lineal footage. DMM’s library of semi-custom mouldings grows weekly and offers cost-savings to purchasers since the knife tooling is already possessed and readily available. Matching of other major manufacturers’ profiles is routine and for those instances when a custom profile is required, DURATION® Moulding & Millwork specializes in providing timely dimensioned shop drawings for client review and approval.

Occasional pockmarks, pin holes, and minor surface blemishes or hollows are naturally occurring in fly ash composite trim. While DURATION does its best to limit such conditions, the conditions do not represent a defect and are easily filled during the finishing process with paint or any type of filler commonly used with wood.

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