DURATION products are manufactured from Boral TruExterior trim boards. When we need thicker raw material from which to work, we laminate available board thicknesses together using special techniques to create thicker material. The end result is a material that has the qualities of many commonly used moulding and millwork products… without any of the drawbacks of those products. Chief among DURATION’s attributes is its remarkable stability resulting in extremely low levels of shrinkage/expansion with given changes in temperature. And because DURATION doesn’t cycle moisture and is easy to finish with standard latex paint of any color, users can rest assured that there finished millwork will look like wood, remain rot-free, and have joinery that will stay put thanks to minimal movement. DURATION products carry the same manufacturer’s warranty as Boral TruExterior trim products. Always remember that, like TruExterior trim, DURATION is NOT a structural building component. Install DURATION like you would any other wood product, but remember that you don’t need to check moisture levels or prime/paint the backs of products. Handle longer, thinner pieces of DURATION with proper assistance and support to avoid snapping. Fill any voids or fastener holes with any type of filler commonly used with wood. And remember to “dedicate” your tooling to working with fly ash composite materials i.e. designate specific saws, carbide tipped saw blades, carbide tipped router bits, etc. for working exclusively with fly ash. If you dedicate tooling, your blades and cutters will last a very long time. PL Premium is ideal for adhering pieces to one another. Finish DURATION like you would wood… with two coats of good quality exterior grade paint – no need for primer.


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